One mail for all.

Because you have more time for content. Because your mailings look professional. Because you save time, money and effort. Because you can measure the reach of your actions.

Because you can sleep in while CiviCRM sends your press release. Because it is finally fun to send a mailing. Because your interns can do this too. Because it is mobile and can be used worldwide.


GDPR-compliant handling of your distribution lists and mailings

Creating responsive mailings in a flash

No more double mailings thanks to built-in deduplication

Delayed dispatch of your mailings

Personalized mailings and automatically sent system messages

Reliable bounce management

Reach measurement via clicks and opened messages

No more extra costs for each individual mailing

CiviMail gives you more time for content.

And it makes you happy.


You can use Excel. But you don't have to.

With CiviEvent you can easily organize your next event. Your attendees register online and CiviCRM will do the rest for you. Including receipt of payments for chargeable events via SEPA mandate or credit card payment.

All you still have to do is create formatted name badges directly from CiviCRM, print the list of participants and take care of your guests.

  • All information about the event and participants at a glance
  • Subscribing and unsubscribing through your website
  • Organize meetings, conferences, workshops, general meetings, demonstrations, your Christmas party and your anniversary
  • Automatic billing for chargeable events
  • Receive participation fee payments directly on the website
  • Create participant lists, name and table tags directly from CiviCRM
  • No more complicated Excel sheets
  • No overbooking of your event with the help of defined contingents
  • No more worrying about keeping track of everything
  • GDPR-compliant event management

CiviEvent pays off from the very first use.


Your audience is waiting.

With CiviCRM you will feel good. Another reason to go public with it.

You can find out more about the performance of your campaigns, petitions and surveys if you manage them directly in CiviCampaign. Here you can see what works and what is still missing.

You can act publicly or assign defined actions to individual employees. This can be mailings, house calls, call lists or a new advertising campaign.

  • Evaluations and reports
  • No re-imports from external tools
  • All campaigning data in CiviCRM
  • Polls, campaigns and petitions
  • Awarded rewards for newly recruited supporters
  • No more paid extra tools

Enough advertisement. Advertise - with us.

Take a look at how to use CiviCRM to collect and post donations, generate donation receipts and use a membership database:

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