What our customers say about us

Markus Knigge

Blue Action Fund

"We tackled the difficult search for a suitable CRM system in the founding phase already. In addition to functionality, intuitive operation and the price, the personal training and instruction was particularly important for us in the selection process – whenever questions arise, the civilisten are available in an uncomplicated and competent manner. We have become real fans."

The Blue Action Fund is a non-profit foundation in the field of marine protection.

It supports non-governmental organizations that carry out projects in developing countries to establish and improve management of marine protected areas.

Judith Gehrke

Sarah Wiener Foundation

"In a difficult decision-making process, we resorted to Patrick Förg's expertise and have made a decisive step forward."

The charitable Sarah Wiener Foundation has been committed to "healthy children and something sensible to eat" since 2007.

Practical nutrition education is the core of our work. Our educational programs teach where our food comes from, how varied it is and how much fun it is to prepare fresh food.

Anja Köhne

KLUG - German Alliance for Climate Change & Health eV

“The IT consulting by the civilisten helped us a lot in the start-up phase. We wish the civilisten a good start!"

The German Climate Change & Health Alliance (KLUG) eV is a network of individuals from the health sector.

They are committed to ensuring that climate change is recognized as an important challenge in the health sector, that climate protection is implemented in the health sector and that the health sector takes on leadership and responsibility in the overall transformation to a climate-neutral society.

Björn Klusmann

Forum Ecological-Social Market Economy eV

“We haven't dared to undertake the complex migration of our previous in-house database for a long time. With the civilisten it was easy to accomplish this great task in several sub-steps.

We did not have any failures and were able to spread the investment in CiviCRM over a longer period of time."

The Forum Ökologische-Soziale Marktwirtschaft eV (FÖS) is a non-partisan and independent political think tank. The FÖS has been advising decision-makers and multipliers on economic instruments in environmental policy since 1994. The aim is to further develop the social market economy into an ecological-social market economy.

Christiane Averbeck

Climate Alliance Germany

"When I took over the management of Klima-Allianz Deutschland, the introduction of a decentralized and easy-to-use contact database was an important goal.

The civilisten showed us how we can use CiviCRM to do mailings and event management from an ingenious contact database. That makes life easier for us.

We, my team and I, are very satisfied."

More than 120 civil society organizations and associations have come together in the Climate Alliance Germany. Together they work to ensure that, among other things, political framework conditions are created that lead to a complete avoidance of man-made greenhouse gas emissions in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

noecon GmbH

“We have valued the expertise of Patrick Förg and Annika Hübner for many years. It has never been an option for us to look for another IT supplier. We are very satisfied."

noecon GmbH develops technical and strategic solutions in the industrial environment and was involved in the development of the Airbus A380, among other things.

Anselm Görres

ZMM Zeitmanager Munich GmbH

"The creativity and commitment with which Patrick Förg works are extraordinary. He is also likeable."

Since 1996, ZMM has been supporting national and international companies in filling demanding management positions by placing interim professionals who take on day-to-day business for a limited time ("interim") or manage projects after which they leave the company.

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