For NGOs, initiatives, associations and foundations

Strategy consulting

Every organization is different: You are a visionary - we accompany you in a goal-oriented and solution-oriented manner in the development of your potential.

We know the special challenges of those who actively shape social change - from our own practice and insight.

Our team has many years of experience working within and with non-profit organizations.

We know both perspectives: those who do good and those who support it.

As an NGO, association, foundation or cultural worker, you are entitled to a professional appearance and effective, targeted communication - despite limited resources.

You want to convince decision-makers and inspire your members, donors and stakeholders.

And in doing so, achieve and exceed the goals you have set yourself for everyone involved in a resource-oriented manner.

To do this, you need structures, processes and tools with which you can deal with complex situations efficiently and reliably.

We listen and look at processes with you.

We identify and analyze positions that can be optimized and develop customized concepts with you and for you.

This way we can translate your individual needs into solutions that actually work.

Even when things get stressful.

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