CiviGrant und CiviCase


Organize your help and your staff.

Anonymize your clients if necessary and receive systemic support that makes it easier for you to help.

CiviCase is particularly suitable to organize aid in social projects like: homeless, refugees, addiction support, emergency accommodation, counseling services and daycare centers.


With CiviCRM you can manage your grantees and grants.

CiviGrant is suitable for all initiatives that are dedicated to helping. Social. Ecological. And on the big stage.

Maintain an overview of who you have helped, when and how and which applications for support you have accepted or rejected, for what reasons and to what extent.

Receive applications online and offline or decide on site.

CiviCRM itself is free, you only pay for our implementation and hosting.

We host your CiviCRM GDPR-compliant, secure and fast:

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