For start-ups and on the big stage

CiviCRM hosting


CiviCRM host


For start-ups in the first year and permanently for small installations <2,500 data records with a maximum of one activated module (e.g. CiviMail).

49,00 EUR / month

CiviCRM Host



including complete set-up

Security updates

daily backups

Test system on request

Standard server


CiviCRM host


For extended installations of small and medium-sized organizations with two to four active modules (e.g.

CiviMail + CiviEvent) up to a maximum of 15,000 data records.

from 69,00 EUR / month

CiviCRM host



same as CiviCRM-Host Founder

up to 15,000 data records

up to 4 active modules

including test system

optimized server performance


CiviCRM host


For large installations with two or more activated modules (e.g. CiviMail + CiviContribute + CiviCase) and additional services from 15,000+ data records.

from 99,00 EUR / month

CiviCRM Host



Same as CiviCRM-Host Standard

from 15,000 data records

any number of modules

Connection of payment service providers

Performance server

CiviCRM hosting is not an "off the shelf" service or good quality from any other web host.

If it is to be of high quality, it has to be tailored to your individual needs.

We take our time and discuss the requirements for your CiviCRM installation and your perspectives with you.

What do you need in one year, what in two?

Which additional services should be connected and where does the effort exceed the benefit?

Ask us directly: